The History Of The Xhosa In The Central Karoo

The Xhosa have been woven into the fabric of the Great Karoo since the late 1700s. Research has revealed that small groups settled at various times in the Nuweveld region from 1795. We are collecting as much historic and background information as possible to give visitors an insight into a little known part of the Karoo's history.

Beaufort West - Place Of Pioneers

Beaufort West, oldest town in the Central Karoo, lies in an area which has been inhabited for centuries. Some of the world's most interesting stone age sites have been discovered on its outskirts. Bushmen once lived here and fine examples of their rock engravings have been found nearby. The farmers came in the mid 1700s and Xhosa tribesmen also moved into this area, once a swamp, now one of the world's most interesting arid zones.

Trees Mark Heroes Route

The project was born in September 2001 when the Department of Water Affairs donated twenty trees for the greening of the Kwa-Mandlenkosi Township Tourist Route. Planted at several venues in Jabavu Street during Arbour Week, they line a Heroes Route to honour community leaders, freedom fighters, musicians and sportsmen.