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COVID19 Lockdown Regulations – Stage 3

Business Travel - Beaufort West is open for reservations please call us!

‘Business travel’ - look at the many categories below that could apply to guests wanting to travel to and stay in Beaufort West...

  • Do you need to visit a client in or around Beaufort West or the Central Karoo Area
  • Do you perform essential services in or around the Beaufort West area
  • Do you work in tourism – accommodation platforms, tour guides, travel bloggers, photographers
  • Are you a creative artists who need a suitable inspiring environment to be creative: writers, film makers, journalists, visual artists
  • Are you a writer or a social media influencer and need new material.
  • Are you considering to invest in property or a new business and need to come and look at investment properties or businesss in the area
  • Are you affiliated to the allowed sporting bodies who have a competition/match in the area
  • Are you organizing or attending team-building or small conferences for family run businesses that may operate on Level 3
  • Are you in need of self-care for medical reasons including isolation and mental health
  • Can you work remotely from anywhere?

If any of the above applies to you, you are most welcome to contact us to assist you to make a reservation in Beaufort West or surrounding area. Also communicate with us about the required Business travel form/permit. Examples of such forms and more details are available on

Our members have strict sanitation protocols in place to ensure your safety whilst staying at their establishments!

We are fully aware of all the challenges our community and the rest of our beautiful country are facing on a daily basis. Keeping our town and visitors as safe as possible whilst being sensitive towards everybody’s hardships is our priority!

Come and enjoy, relax, revive and be inspired by the beauty of the Central Karoo, where the earth meets the Sky.

Welcome to the Karoo!

With an almost unnaturally bright and startling blue sky and the most amazing landscapes with nature at its best, the Beaufort West Region boasts a healthy climate and beautiful weather all year around. The endless horizon will give you the feeling of complete isolation from the rest of the world. With no cellphone reception in some areas you can almost touch the silence! A feeling of inner peace and relaxation will recharge your senses. They say, the Karoo is the place where you can hear God think.

In a world with an ever growing need for space the Karoo has the vastness to let you feel free. The Karoo gives you the peace to relax, the silence to reflect, clean air to breathe and the chance of taking a step back in time. All this is possible in a place yet to be discovered.

A huge smile, the warmest hospitality and always the feeling of being very welcome, a trade mark of the Karoo, awaits you everywhere you go and is a sheer overwhelming and humbling experience.

Discover wild animals in abundance.
Experience a mind blowing huge amount of plant species.
Enjoy the local people with their most diverse cultures, languages, traditions, food specialities, and beliefs. All peacefully coexisting in this unique and remote, arid zone of South Africa.

The Karoo will take you back in time. Far back in times, if you like. To recently past centuries, with stunningly beautiful Victorian, Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture, to name but a few. With many vintage cars and even donkey carts still being modes of every­day transport. Telephone operators still connecting phone calls on a switchboard whilst always knowing more about the people than the local hair dressers!

Go back thousands of years if you like, when visiting one of the numerous mystic sites of bushman paintings and engravings to learn more about the fascinating culture of the San, the first inhabitants of this area. You may even want to go back further than that! Dinosaur fossils, millions of years old and scattered in the open veld all around Beaufort West and the Central Karoo, with many of them not even discovered yet. Stunning rock formations of the same age or older will leave you in awe.

Should that still not be far enough in the past for you, try reaching for the stars! Breathtaking nightskies, made possible through no light interferences, will take you back to the beginnings of time, only to find, what many of the Karoo inhabitants have found a long time ago already. Themselves.

Discover the stars when you get lost in the Cape Karoo